Q: What is Mediumship?

A: Mediumship is communication between this Living World and the Spirit World. A Medium will endeavour to give you evidence that our Loved Ones are still with us. Please visit my Mediumship Page for historical knowledge and Pioneers.

Q: What is Psychic Awareness?

A: Psychic awareness is the understanding of human consciousness and the full potential of the mind when applied to everyday life.

Q: Do you use ‘Cards’ (Tarot, Angel, Oracle…)?

A: Yes, I use Cards for guidance and helping you with your Life’s Journey.

Q: Can I bring photographs or personal items to my reading?

A: es. I use Psychometry which can aid me to connect directly with the specific person you require within the Spirit World. Psychometry can also be used within the Physical World to help find missing people.


Q: Are there any guarantees of my loved ones making a connection?

A: Every effort will be made to connect and reunite you with your loved ones in the Spirit World however this cannot be guaranteed.


Q: Are there any risks?

A: There are no risks.


Q: HOw do I Book and Pay?

A: Please contact me to arrange all bookings. You can pay by Bank Payment or directly if you have a face to face appointment.